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Beating out the Old

The New and Improved

The list of what you will want, what you will need, what you think you might need and what you…
Melted to Perfection

Melted to Perfection

Native Shoes began in Vancouver in 2009 and in 2012, I began managing a retail store in Vancouver, I can…

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3 Tips to Handle Allowance Negotiations with Kids

3 Tips to Negotiating Allowance Rates

The downfall to living in a neighbourhood where you are surrounded by other kids, is that they talk.. too much…

The Saddest Day of Spring

Sixteen years later, the memories are still so vividly clear! I will never forget this day for as long as…

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Sponsored Post: The True Value of Energy

It amazes me how plugged in we are every day. From TV’s and computers to iPads and smartphones; it’s crazy to…

Sponsored Post: Top 3 Photo-Art Decor Tips

Cold Fall weather means more nights at home. Posterjack has come up with 3 photo-art decor tips to create a…

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Lonsdale’s Italian Gem- Gusto Di Quattro

  Growing up in Saskatoon meant limited palette in terms of experiencing authentic foods. My dad was very much a…
Lip Smackin Cook Book

A Lip Smackin’ Cook Book

Let me tell you about the best cook book I have seen in a LONG time! I find most cook…

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Making Memories With Kidsworld Program

As Summer vacation draws closer, parents are overwhelmed with panic, whatever will we do?! Kids begin to develop a terrible…
Italian Day on the Drive

Italian Day Returns to Vancouver’s Little Italy

Now in its 7th year, the annual Italian Day street festival returns to Commercial Drive on Sunday, June 12th. Carrying…

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Stubbornness and Sensitive Skin

Have you met my oldest Ava?  Ava is 6 years old and is the perfect blend of both mother and…
Love designs came up with these perfect BTS School signs that are personalized, downloadable and ON SALE!

BTS Essentials for September 2015

Gearing up for School on Tuesday, we've put together a quick list of some of our favourite BTS essentials.  Ava…